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Can someone calculate how to convert the glycan gate that controls opening of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein into a Beta-glycan in order to achieve a glycemic shock that destroys or nullifies this virus?

Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, Clinical peer review, PICO annotation, Data extraction, Qualitative analysis, Summary of Findings tables, Dissemination / Knowledge Translation, Translation (linguistic), Methodological peer review, Training or mentoring, Searching for evidence, Screening and selecting studies, Prioritisation of review topics, Using GRADE, Data analysis and organisation

Methodological skills / interests: Qualitative evidence synthesis, Statistics, Information retrieval, Screening and diagnostic test reviews, Patient reported outcomes, Prognosis reviews, GRADEing, Non-randomised studies of interventions, Prospective meta-analysis, Rapid reviews, Priority setting, Comparing multiple interventions (network meta-analysis and overviews)

Ideal applicant

Medical Doctors. Epidemiologists. Specialists in Biochemsitry. Biomedical Engineers. Researchers.


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Questions & comments

Hullo Arwa. How´re you ? OK. Let´s go ! Surely you will make a very good review. Many greetings.

Default profile Carlos Garay (Task Poster) - 1 year ago

Hi Carlos!! I will go through all the articles that you have provided and will try to do a literature review.

Default profile Arwa Bohra - 1 year ago

I have done a drug repurposing analysis and have transcriptomic data of SARS CoV-2 infected lung epithelial cells. I can do GSEA analysis and share pathways affecting carbohydrate metabolism with you.

Default profile Arwa Bohra - 1 year ago

Second, it would be convenient to study and investigate lectins such as BanLec, among other classes of lectins potentially suitable for attacking the glycanb proteins belonging to the COVID-19 virus (and possibly other viruses). Banlec: substance originally found in bananas and carefully edited by scientists could someday fight off a wide range of viruses, new research suggests. And the process used to create the virus-fighting form may help scientists develop even more drugs, by harnessing the “sugar code” that our cells use to communicate .... "

Default profile Carlos Garay (Task Poster) - 1 year ago

Hullo Nicole. Although the two strategies that I have proposed in this task are not exclusive but complementary and that of course will have to be carried out in laboratory practice, we can begin with the study and investigation of nature, of all the classes and elements discovered corresponding to the Glycan Gates belonging to the COVID-19 virus, such as "glycan bindings" in order to give this virus a good glycemic shock. "The glycan array is a powerful tool for investigating the specificities of glycan-binding proteins": Software: Exploring the specificities of glycan-binding proteins using glycan array data and the GlycoSearch software. As the first element to take into account: GBP's. See 1); 2) Many greetings. Carlos

Default profile Carlos Garay (Task Poster) - 1 year ago

HI Carlos, Thx for your post. I try to see if maybe I can help you. Can you help me understand, do you want to evaluate how to modify the protein configuration in the virus-glycan gate? Or do you want to calculate something on the patients side regarding glycan levels related to septic shock? thx and kind regards, Nicole

Reviewers welcome!

Default profile Carlos Garay (Task Poster) - 1 year ago