Infectious Disease

I need some help to calculate and verify if it´s possible to connect tri antennary N-glycans in Arabidopsis thaliana plants to COVID-19´s glycan groups

Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, Clinical peer review, Statistical analysis, Data extraction, Translation (linguistic), Dissemination / Knowledge Translation, Summary of Findings tables, Using GRADE, Other, Searching for evidence, Training or mentoring, Data analysis and organisation

Methodological skills / interests: Qualitative evidence synthesis, Statistics, Information retrieval, Screening and diagnostic test reviews, Individual participant data meta-analysis, Prognosis reviews, GRADEing, Non-randomised studies of interventions, Prospective meta-analysis, Rapid reviews, Priority setting, Comparing multiple interventions (network meta-analysis and overviews)

I believe it´s possible to connect Arabidopsis thaliana´s tri-antennary N-glycans to COVID-19´s glycan groups to transmit antobiotics and other medicines in order to provoque this virus a glycemic shock. / /s41598-021-92320-x / /// Reviewers needed.

Ideal applicant

Physicians; Doctors of Medicine; Geneticists; Professionals in Botany and Botanical Medicine; Professionals in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy. Biomedical Engineers; Bioinformatics, Engineers and other professionals and experts in related areas. Reviewers needed.


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