Help needed to edit a new ECP Podcast series for Citizen Science, Cochrane Crowd, issues around Open-Access, elements of review production, methods used in evidence synthesis, and ways to get involved in Cochrane.

Skills / interests: Dissemination / Knowledge Translation

The Cochrane Early Career Professionals Network is getting a podcast! Our team is looking for an Audio Engineer that will be able to edit the podcast recordings, removing any long pauses or background noise to produce the final audio file. We are planning to release a podcast every 2/3 months depending on availability of the team and speakers. We are planning to use the software Audacity to record as it is free and easy. However, we are happy to receive any suggestions on any other software that would also be easy to use. If you agree to get on board, you will receive acknowledgement as well as membership points.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Elpida?

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