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Comparing the efficacy and safety of 36 hrs low dose Anti-Snake Venom regimen vs 72 hrs regimen in Russel’s viper hemotoxic envenomation - A randomised control trial

Skills / interests: Statistical analysis, Data analysis and organisation

Methodological skills / interests: Bias, Statistics, Comparing multiple interventions (network meta-analysis and overviews)

Daboia russeli envenomation is looked upon as a harbinger of death in the Indian subcontinent. The cause of death is multifactorial including, coagulopathy, DIC, acute kidney injury, shock, multiorgan dysfunction, etc.  Given the high mortality of Russel’s viper envenomation, early identification and rapid reversal of coagulopathy is the key to save lives. To date there are no adequately designed dose finding studies that selected snakebites by identified species, controlled for clinical severity, were randomised and employed defined clinical end points. 

           We aim  to identify the optimal dosing schedule of polyvalent ASV for Russel’s viper envenomation.

Ideal applicant

We are in need of an experienced statistical analyst and research fellow who have been part of previous RCTs and could guide us through the process of designing this RCT, calculation of adequate power, data analysis, defining end points, statistical analysis and preparation of manuscript. The trial has been approved by the intitutional ethics committee and is presently under process of registration in Clinical trial registry of India. This study is to be conducted in a tertiary care level rural hospital of Southern India. The duration of the prospective trial is 2 years approximately. The task is part time only and contributors can work at their convenience, location of the contributor is immaterial as most of the interaction would be online. We would prefer a qualified statistical analyst.


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Hello I am a PhD student and have experience in research methodologies, please contact me and we can proceed with this project.

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