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Paid Research Consultants and Paid Research Admins are needed

Skills / interests: Copy-editing and proof-reading, Clinical peer review, PICO annotation, Data extraction, Guideline development, Qualitative analysis, Summary of Findings tables, Dissemination / Knowledge Translation, Translation (linguistic), Methodological peer review, Other, Advocacy, Training or mentoring, Searching for evidence, Risk of Bias assessment, Statistical analysis, Screening and selecting studies, Prioritisation of review topics, Using GRADE, Consumer (public, patient, carer) input, Data analysis and organisation

Hello everyone, 

Hoping everyone is doing well. 

Thanks for Cochrane for giving us the opportunity to work with you (the talented and amazing people).

Paid Research Consultants and Paid Research Admins are needed for a research company called (International Collaboration), just recently launched.

The business model of the company:

Profits are distributed as follows:

70% to the Research Consultants

20% to the Company

10% to the Research Admin

The job description of the Research Consultants :

To receive a task as a freelance and then work on it until completion 

The task can include any research task (including but not limited to: Methodology Consultation/Ethical Consultation Or Biostatistics and Data Management Or Review Or Editing Or Publishing advices). 

Like a data clinic services

The job description of the research admin:

To receive requests or applications and filters them

To circulate them to the screening consultant, then to the assigned consultant

To set up meetings between the consultant and client

To make sure payments are done and documents payments in a sheet

For those interested, please send an email (specifying your interests, skills and talents) to this particular email address below:


Please include evidence (LinkedIn profile, PubMed page.. etc)


International Collaboration in Research Company


Ideal applicant

Paid Research Consultants and Paid Research Admins are needed. Please read the description carefully.

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