Kidney Disease

Join Our Team: Volunteer Peer Reviewer Opportunity in Kidney Research Evidence Synthesis

Skills / interests: Risk of Bias assessment, PICO annotation, Data extraction, Screening and selecting studies

Methodological skills / interests: Bias, Prospective meta-analysis, Rapid reviews, Prognosis reviews, Information retrieval, Comparing multiple interventions (network meta-analysis and overviews)

Our Kidney Research Group is currently offering a volunteer opportunity for a peer reviewer to join our evidence synthesis team. Our team facilitates the production of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and evidence/gap maps on kidney-related topics. We are looking for volunteers skilled in screening and data extraction to help conduct these systematic reviews using rigorous methodologies.

Volunteers will receive training and undergo a piloting phase. Our experienced researchers will provide ongoing support and feedback throughout the project. Successful volunteers will gain valuable experience in systematic review methodologies and kidney research, contribute to impactful research that influences clinical practices and health policies, and/or enhance their CV and professional network within the medical research community.

We follow the ICMJE criteria for determining authorship in academic publications. You will be considered for co-authorship on any publications resulting from the systematic reviews you work on if you complete at least 100 hours of dedicated volunteer work. 

Time Requirement: Minimum 4 hours per week, although the more the better. We will provide weekly updates on our progress, and hold Teams meetings every 1-3 weeks; however, attendance at these meetings is optional.

Ideal applicant

Ideally you are familiar with PICO annotation, data extraction, screening and selecting studies, and risk of bias assessment. Experience with RoB 2.0, QUIPS, and/or ROBINS-I is advantageous but not required. Familiarity with regression analysis and/or meta-analysis is beneficial.

Think you've got what it takes to get the job done for Karla?

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Questions & comments

Hello Karla. I'm interested in participating in this project. Please let me know who should I contact. Thanks!

Default profile Julia Costa - 3 weeks ago

Dear Karla, I am interested in participating in the project. I have experience with systematic reviews and a lot of willingness to contribute. Best regards. E-mail:

Default profile Débora Aguiar - 2 weeks ago

Dear sir/madam, as I previously published meta-analyses and peer-reviewed more than 100 articles, I feel I could help in this project. Sincerly Tarak Dhaouadi, MD (Professor) mail: ORCID: 0000-0002-6376-0950

Default profile Tarak Dhaouadi - 1 week ago

Dear Karla, I am interested in volunteering for this research. I am a medical laboratory scientist with experience in research, meta analysis and systematic reviews. Kind regards My email: